Want to build an effective team that demonstrates a clear commitment to a shared goal or vision? NMER provides the most in-depth and diverse market-tested array of team building and team bonding Escape Room scenarios in New Mexico and can tailor them to suit your group.


Team Building at
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Great teams demonstrate a clear commitment to a shared goal or vision. Without a great team, individuals are often unsure of the value of their contribution, receive too little direction, are micromanaged or simply don’t know the goal. Utilizing both the art and science of team building, we draw out the core characteristics of healthy teams while considering the individual contributions each team member makes. With multiple locations, scenarios, and team building experiences you have up to 30 options to choose from. We also provide fun outdoor activities that energize teams around kinesthetic 3D movement games shifting the energy and providing new opportunities to think differently.

With a deep understanding of the roles of trust, communication, accountability and a shared vision, we ensure teams will:

  • Collaborate to solve complex problems
  • Attract and develop the necessary talent for success
  • Improve efficiency and performance
  • Quickly resolve conflict and misunderstanding
  • Have more fun upon returning to work!

Team Building Options:
The perfect package for you and your company.

What’s the difference between team bonding and team building?

Team bonding is when members of a team get to know one another personally, learn how to enjoy one another’s company by engaging in non-work-related activities, feel safe expressing themselves, and ultimately trust one another.
Team building is a strategic method of drawing out and developing the core characteristics of healthy teams. These include trust, communication, loyalty, innovation, collaboration, delegation and results. Team Building sessions are 1, 3 or 6 hours in length and include one or more of the following:

  3. Improving communication
  4. Having more fun at work
  5. Enhanced problem-solving skills

Meet Our Team Building Professional

Ben Thomson

Team Building Coach

Ben Thomson has successfully coached and trained teams locally, nationally and internationally to help them focus on highest-level results, retain and develop valuable employees, communicate, collaborate, and align personnel and departments around a clearly defined, actionable vision. He holds a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology and is a Certified Martial Art Instructor. Ben loves to walk his three-legged dog Nikolai, enjoy a good beer, exercise, and see others succeed. He is the author of The Remarkable Self: A Manual for the New Leader and uses his knowledge of psychology and martial arts to bring teams to a higher level of performance.

1How many participants are included in the above pricing?
The fees listed above are for up to 8 participants.
2How much advance notice is needed to schedule a team building session?
NM Escape room requires a minimum of 2 weeks advanced notice to schedule a team building session with our team building professional, Ben.
3Are there any specific times that we can schedule a team building session with Ben?
Our team building professional is available for bookings, Wednesday through Saturday.
4How much time will we be on site for our team building session?
The escape game takes up to an hour to play. Your total time on site will be determined by which team building session was purchased (e.g., 1 hour, 3 hour, or 6 hour). Your team building session will be in addition to playing the escape games.
5Do we have to choose a team building package? Can we just play the escape games without the additional team building session?
No, you may book just the escape games for your group. The additional team building package is optional.
6Is the team building package pricing in addition to the cost to play the escape game?
Yes, the escape game is a per person rate depending on the game chosen, and the team building package with Ben is an additional price depending on the team building package chosen.
7Can we have our event catered, or bring our own food and beverages?
Yes, you can have your event catered, or bring food and beverages, but they must remain in the conference room. We do not permit food or beverages inside the escape games.
8Can we schedule multiple team building sessions with Ben, the NM Escape Room Team Building Professional??
Yes, to doso you will need to contact him directly at 510-332-4873.
9Can the NM Escape Room Team Building Professional come to our place of business for our team building session?
Yes, you will need to coordinate with Ben directly by contacting him through PivotalConsulting.co or connectswith@gmail.com.
10How do we book a session with the NM Escape Room Team Building Professional if we have more than 8 people in our group?
Special arrangements may need to be made if the group size exceeds 8 participants. We may recommend running multiple sessions to accommodate the group size, and / or scheduling multiple team building sessions with our Team Building Professional, Ben. A second team building coach will assist with larger groups at an additional cost. To discuss this further, please call us at 505-289-1002..


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